What does the name ICE ID mean?

ICE is an internationally known acronym for In Case of Emergency. Throughout the world everyone is encouraged to enter the acronym ICE into their mobile phone with the person’s number they would like contacted In Case of Emergency. ICE ID takes it a few steps further. In case of an emergency you may need more than just a contact number:

  • You may want paramedics to know that you are a diabetic
  • That you’re allergic to penicillin
  • What your blood type is
  • Or what your medical aid number is

It’s not always practical to carry cell phones when we are walking, hiking, running, cycling, surfing etc. At these times we need wearable-identification that can’t be dropped, lose signal, be broken in a fall, get stolen or left behind.

Who needs ICE ID?

ICE ID says a lot about you, not only in the event of an emergency but also as a lifestyle statement. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, walker, hiker, climber, surfer, swimmer, kayaker, or just someone who doesn’t spend their life on the couch, you should wear ID. We don’t think twice about wearing a seat belt or a cycling helmet, yet we repeatedly venture outdoors with no identification. It’s not just adults that need ID, kids need it too. Every child at every time of the day should have ID, whether at school, riding a bike, playing in the park, in a shopping center, at the beach or visiting friends. Imagine paramedics not knowing who to contact simply because we did not have ID. In the event of an emergency, minutes matter!

We want family to be contacted immediately. We want them to be at your side as quickly as possible and we want to ensure that you receive proper medical treatment. Simply by wearing ICE ID we can answer these needs.

What’s the idea behind ICE ID?

ICE ID is dedicated to the idea that any person who is active outdoors, or has a medical condition/allergy should be wearing an In-Case-of-Emergency bracelet/necklace/ankle band.

In a country where we have both an abundance of outdoor activity and many ways we can be hurt, choosing to wear ICE ID is a way we can feel and be safer.

As an athlete, be it a cyclist, runner, canoeist etc, you’ll likely find yourself far from home, friends and family. Consider the vulnerability of training by yourself with no identification.

If you have a medical condition/allergy then wearing a ICE ID bracelet is of paramount importance for quick recognition of your medical conditions, allergies, medications, or treatment wishes; this leads to faster and more effective medical treatment.

Wearing an ICE ID product prevents treatment errors which may result from not having a patient’s allergies/health conditions during an emergency situation or upon hospital admission.

ICE ID speaks for you in the event of an emergency, if you become unresponsive.

Emergency Medical Personnel are trained to first look for medical identification jewelry on a patient. ICE ID’s will alert paramedics of your health and personal information.

There are unlimited reasons for you and your loved ones to wear an ICE ID. An ICE ID will save your life and the lives of those you love.

ICE ID is strong, simple and stylish enough to be worn on all occasions.