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Runners/Walkers Ankles, also for Wrists, School Bags, all Luggage

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Made with a soft neoprene inner strip and velcro to securely fit around your ankle without the scratch. 100% comfortable.
It still has a 3M reflective strip for visibility during low light conditions.

Designed and made for Runners/Walkers, but why limit the use to your ankle only. It can be used for Wrists, School Bags, any luggage, Car Gear Stick, Bicycle Frame….
One size fits all and can be cut down to fit smaller wrists, etc.

It comes with a curved stainless steel tag with six lines of laser engraving to hold all your ICE information. Curved for comfort.

Fits all adults and children.

Please understand the nature of Velcro – the product cannot be opened and closed, opened and closed over and over (as children often do as they like the noise of velcro opening and closing) as the sticking power will diminish eventually.

We recommend the following to be considered as information to be include on your tag:
LINE 1: Name and Surname
LINE 2: An emergency contact number
LINE 3: a second emergency contact number
LINE 4: Medical aid name and number (ie Discovery 1234567)
LINE 5: Any Allergies or medication
LINE 6: You do not need to complete this line, but it is available if you have more info to complete.

Please Note: Engraving of orders takes place every Monday and Thursday.
Orders that are placed between a Thursday and up till a Sunday night will be engraved on Monday, assembled and shipped to you on Tuesday. Shipping then takes up to three working days, so received by Friday.

Orders placed between a Monday morning and a Wednesday night, will be engraved on Thursday, assembled and shipped to you on Friday. Shipping then takes up to three working days, so received by Wednesday.


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